Sparrow and the Workshop - Murderopolis

This third album from Sparrow and the Workshop lightens up their sound a little from some of the heavier stuff from their previous release and introduces something slightly more nuanced - but don’t go thinking they’ve gone quiet. The celtic threesome (a Scotsman, a Welshman, and an Irishwoman) have had some success with their previous two albums, including multiple festival appearances, but many feel the critical reception hasn't been picked up by the record-buying public. The music on Murderopolis sounds like its title suggests: dark, in sound and thematics, the tracks creep around in the night. Songs like ‘Darkness’, with its angry vocals and bursts of hectic drums and guitar, and ‘Odessa’ with the first haunting minute morphing into quiet brooding, and then heady passion, set the tone. The lead single, ‘Shock Shock’, has a great riff and hints of late 90’s indie, while ‘Valley of Death’ and ‘Water Won’t Fall’ are two of the slightly more folky tracks, although still heavy on the noise. And the intensity continues in the middle third with the title track, ‘The Faster You Spin’ and ‘Avalanche of Lust’, before becoming as soft as Sparrow and the Workshop get on the final two tracks. This is a tight set of songs, mostly coming in at the three minute mark. If you like your indie rock fierce, this is the album to feed your ears.



out of 10

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