Sound Iration - In Dub

Sound Iration (London producers, Nick Manasseh and Steve 'Scruff' Guilder) were pioneers of the 80's digi dub scene. While original dub producers were the equivalent of today's remixers - taking a popular reggae track, stripping out vocals and adding echo effects -, digi dub was created from scratch using just drum machines and synths. Here at least, the result is hard to distinguish from the dub that went before. Although relaxing in that way only dub reggae can manage, it's hard to make an argument to pick this off the shelf over a King Tubby album or a Trojan compilation. Still, fans of In Dub will be pleased to know this re-issue comes with a new disc of demos, previously unreleased mixes and tracks intended for a second LP.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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