Soulcage - Soul For Sale

Radio-friendly metal is always a tricky thing and when not done properly can sound like the musical equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. Soul For Sale from Finnish band Soulcage is a pretty decent offering. Plenty of good stompin' tunes like the thumping 'Send In The Clowns' or the Faith No More-ish 'I See'. Unfortunately, much of the album suffers from too many tattooed cooks in the kitchen. 'Until You Find Me' starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro but then cheesy "Van Hagar"-style keyboards burst in ruining the whole effect while 'Satellite Children' is pure schmaltz. What saves the album from descending into dullsville is the first-rate musicianship and Aleksi Parviainen powerful vocals. Not a bad record and sure to find favour with those who prefer their metal smooth and easy, like a refreshing shandy.



out of 10

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