Songdog - a life eroding

Songdog hail from Blackwood in South East Wales, a town which, according to Richey James, if it had a museum it would be full of rubble and shit. It’s no surprise then to find that A Life Eroding is a predominantly mournful affair. Their obsession with cowboys, the album referencing both Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, and country music is less expected. Vocalist Lyndon Morgan, who often sounds uncannily like a young David Essex, is a feted playwright in his other life and thus has an innate talent for creating cinematic vignettes of a shadowy half life which skirts a fault line between romantic idealism and ennui drenched urban reality. It may be pissing down outside a greasy kebab shop while the world yawns in perpetual boredom, but there’s always a residual hope that a gunslinger may come riding into town to shake things up at any moment. With folk music very much on the radar this year, allowing The Unthanks and Mumford & Sons to sneak in through a chink in the armour, there’s every chance that Songdog’s fifth album could be the one to see them make some inroads in the nation’s consciousness.



out of 10
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