Sleaford Mods - Divide and Exit

Behind many a grumpy sod there lies a dreamer, an optimist who talks hard but is fundamentally driven by the idea that we've given up and have settled for much less than we deserve. On the surface, Divide And Exit is all stinking work lavs, "Lou fucking Reed" and "St George's flag twat(s)" but it's fueled by a righteous anger that the bread and circuses of modern life are thin gruel, best supplemented by cheap drugs and cheap booze.

This is Sleaford Mods' seventh album, but it took until last year's Austerity Dogs for anyone outside Nottingham to really notice. The delivery is crude - drum machines and relentless Fall bass lines - while frontman Jason Williamson spits out the words. If John Cooper Clarke had an Oi! band side-project, it might well sound like this. Beside the scatological rantings, there's a sprinkling of wired surrealism ("The corgi! / The palace gets it right!"; "Captain Sadist / 100% pure cod / Fuck off!") but Williamson concentrates on just saying what he sees ("£900 for pictures of Debbie Harry in art shops!") and exploring our own culpability ("Here's three words: cage, wheel, hamster / Here's a bit of cheese - nibble the bastard" - 'Under The Plastic and N.C.T.') A tough listen but give it a spin the next time you need a kick up the backside.



out of 10

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