Silver Columns - Yes And Dance

The hype machine went into overdrive on Silver Columns: just who were the mysterious protagonists behind the retro dancefloor friendly hi-NRG white labels which popped up in the new year? It was an underwhelming surprise to discover the hands of Adem and The Pictish Trail at the helm and it’s hard not to be left with the impression that YES AND DANCE is the result of a few hours of frittered time, an ephemeral curio which saw the duo prove to themselves that they can ‘do’ commercial pop. The problem being that this is essentially a karaoke Synth Brittania buit upon the shallow foundations of cherry picked highlights of electro heritage, so we can recognise elements of Kraftwerk (‘Yes and Dance’), Bronski Beat (‘Brow Beaten’), not to mention New Order, Moroder and, inevitably, Pet Shop Boys. Ultimately, once you peel away the spin, you’re left with little more than an android version of what the 1980s were ‘probably’ like based upon the evidence of a betamax copy of TOTP and a boxful of damp Smash Hits. It’s a perfectly pleasant way to spend half an hour but, really, if you need to hear something akin to Bronski Beat then just stick on some Bronski Beat and be done with it.



out of 10
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