Shonen Knife - Super Group

When Shonen Knife returned to the UK last year it was, amazingly, their first visit for 15 years. Regular visitors during the early 1990s - and famously championed by a certain Mr K. Cobain - the less committed might have guessed the Japanese garage pop trio had retired from the spotlight, presumably to spend more time with their Hello Kitty collections. The reality is that Super Group is album number 14 for the ladies and they continue exactly from wherever you may have last left them, finding even more ingenious ways of delivering sherbert-coated bonbons of three minute pop direct to your heart. It doesn't matter if they're lifting the bassline from Buzzcocks' 'Noise Annoys' or 'going country' ('Deer Biscuits' complete with fantastic George Harrison-style guitar solo) it's The Knife just as you remember them. A savvy promoter would be putting together a package tour with Teenage Fanclub and the re-formed Vaselines right now.



out of 10
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