She & Him - Volume 2

History is littered with terrible albums made by actors who fancy a go at singing. Rest easy, gentle listener - this isn't a Dogstar record. No, Zooey Deschanel (for she is the She here) has penned a dreamy, retro collection of summery tales of heartbreak, ably produced by Him, collaborator M Ward. Those for whom sweetness is anathema should avoid this collection like the plague - there's no denying that both Zooey's vocal and musical style could be considered unapologetically saccharine. Lead single In The Sun bounces along with a joyous call and response chorus (aided by long time Music Fix favourites Tilly & The Wall). The album's highlight comes with Lingering Still, a song with a limpet of a chorus with Zooey's honeyed vocals complimenting the country twang of the music. It's a credit to her song writing too that covers including Skeeter Davis' Gonna Get Along Without You Now sit comfortably alongside the original compositions. A record for a heartbroken summer's day in 60's California, Volume 2 pays tribute while avoiding falling into pastiche.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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