Sharp Practice - Banging The Rocks

If Sharp Practice had, as the album title suggested, banged on the rocks a bit more it might have resulted in a slightly more interesting album. Alas Banging The Rocks is, by most measures, pretty dull. Describing themselves as "a classic rock band" the sound is more adult contemporary folk-angst. Nothing really jumps out at you and it's all a bit listless. Opening track 'Sound of Rock' sets the tone for the entire album and the sound never really deviates or evolves. 'Question Of Love' is livelier and shows promise but never really takes off, and 'Screw The Earth' has a cool Crosby, Stills, Nash vibe marred by the naive lyrics: "Hey child / For what it's worth / You and me / We screw the earth." Pleasant, pretty and inoffensive but, at the end of the day, also pretty boring.



out of 10

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