Shakespears Sister - Songs From The Red Room

So, after a long hiatus Shakespears Sister are back. Or, more accurately, Siobhan Fahey is back - Marcella Detroit hasn't been part of the band since 1993. Lead single 'It's A Trip' has a fun Goldfrapp meets Blondie vibe. Then comes 'A Man In Uniform' with a dirty, synthy 'Strict Machine' sound and that's when it hits you - everything on here sounds like something else. This is an album that doesn't have an original thought in its head. Here a bit of Depeche Mode, there a sprinkle of Goldfrapp, a touch of Client. 'Was It Worth It' even rips off Salt 'n' Pepa. One breathy, synthy track soon melds into the next, with the dreary synth squelches of 'Cold' a particular low point. Guitar-led 'Bitter Pill' provides some welcome upbeat, almost summery pop relief mid way through, but we've heard this all before, and better, from other acts.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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