Röyksopp - Senior

Röyksopp’s fourth album seems to have been conceived as a dark twin to last year’s Junior. While Junior was light and poppy and featured an array of guest vocalists, Senior sounds introspective and is almost entirely instrumental. Drawing a link between the albums is 'Tricky Two', a ‘dub’ of 'Tricky Tricky' (from Junior); bereft of Karin Dreijer-Andersson’s vocals, the frantic backing does indeed take on a life of its own. Almost as upbeat is 'The Drug' which, with its simple, catchy synth riff, could be an old rave tune if played at a slightly higher speed. The standout track is also Senior’s prettiest: 'Forsaken Cowboy' sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a late night sleigh ride through a Scandanavian forest, the softened choral vocals especially effective due to the lack of human voice elsewhere. The rest is less distinctive; slow, proggy electronica - very Air, but Senior is still a worthy chill out record and as consistent as anything Röyksopp have produced since Melody A.M..



out of 10
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