Risa Hall - Glass Half...?

Glass Half...? is the debut album from Queens-born singer songwriter Risa Hall. Hall has a lusty, Broadway-babe voice and can really belt out the tunes ala Bonnie Rait or Vonda Shepard. Take the bluesy 'Can't Take Away', with its icy cool piano or the breezy 'Shooting Stars' which works particularly well with her powerful alto. The songs have an easy, Prime Time feel to them and you can imagine them playing in the background shows like Ally McBeal or One Tree Hill, soundtracking yet another tense moment of middle class naval gazing. The one bum note is the New Age-y 'The Grail', its fey lyrics and twee flute incongruous alongside Hall's voice. The soft rock tempo of 'Candy Coated Hell' is a much better match for such a punchy vocal style. A promising debut album then from an aspiring singer songwriter that will no doubt please those who are in the market for feel-good tunes to wind down to after a long day at the desk.



out of 10

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