Redtrack - Whole Town's Heart

Redtrack's debut album Whole Town's Heart is, if anything, an example of just how hard it is to do decent indie rock music. Since the arrival of the Arctic Monkeys back in 2006, there has practically been a new indie rock band every day aiming to cash in and Redtrack seemed to have borrowed/stole/homaged from every one of them. Derivative in the extreme, there is even the standard acoustic track in 'Memory Card' as an attempt to show they're not one-trick ponies but it doesn't fool anyone. There are two positives going for the album: one is that it doesn't outstay its welcome at just over half-an-hour and the second is that album closer 'Pretty Boy' is actually quite good - the presence of the extra female vocals gives the track an extra dynamic that the rest of the album sorely lacks and at least tries something different. Back when we reviewed their single 'Perfectly Fine Intellectual' in June, we commented on how the track lived up to its name; if only the whole album consistently approached anything 'perfectly fine'.



out of 10
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