Pulled Apart By Horses - Blood

After the release of 2012's Tough Love, it was easy to see Pulled Apart By Horses hitting the big time with an extra layer of spit and polish. Their raucous, punk spirited rock n' roll hits the FM radio groove in a way that's missing from much of the artless dross your man Zane Lowe so vehemently celebrates every evening on Radio 1, and with Blood, they've done exactly what's expected. Now all tidied up, this sounds neat, contemporary - but still sharp and incendiary.

Rest assured, this is a riot from start to finish, treading a frantic slalom that wavers from two minute garage rock scream-fests ('Bag of Snakes') to slick-as-fuck groove pop on album highlight 'Medium Rare'. Lyrically, it's a mixed bag of anthemic ear worms and cult superstition with heavy influences lifted from Paul Thomas Anderson's veiled execution of Scientology in 2012's The Master. The thematic undertones are easy to miss at first but once conscious of the band's intentions, its nice to know there's something more to explore beyond Tom Hudson's wailing guitar. Blood may cause a few early fans to sniff, but if mopping up the shit and turning out a riotous rock record is a problem then they're probably better off without them anyway.



out of 10

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