Plants And Animals - La La Land

Although La La Land is Plants And Animals UK debut, it is actually their second album after Parc Avenue and, while that Polaris Music Award shortlisted album may well have proven to be a better introduction to the Canadian indie rockers, what we've been left with isn't a terrible substitute. In truth, the moniker of indie rockers might be a little deceiving as there is a distinct lack of rocking on the album; instead we're left with an experimental album that borders on the instrumental with its minimal vocals that, as the concern can be with experimental music, is a bit hit and miss. Arguably the hit rate isn't as high as it should be but the presence of tracks like 'Undone Melody', with its sprawling melodies leading to a rousing finale, and the brilliantly bonkers finale of 'Jeans Jeans Jeans', which could easily soundtrack a Leone western, make you more willing to forgive the lows. It won't appeal to everyone's tastes but La La Land is a sign of a band who aren't afraid to forge their own path at the risk of a lack of commercialism and, with the indie genre starting to feel like a broken conveyor belt, Plants And Animals have to at least be applauded for that.



out of 10
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