Pin Me Down

It's often unlikely that a musician's side project will end up being more popular than their original band but Bloc Party's guitarist Russell Lissack's side project, Pin Me Down, might well be the exception that proves the rule. Pin Me Down's debut album is packed full of memorable electro rock tunes and will appeal to anyone who felt something went missing when Kele stopped singing about banquets and moved onto witches. Some might argue that this album doesn't really attempt anything different and that's true to an extent - Russell's spiky guitars could be interchanged with anything he's done previously - but when it's done this well with a truly superb vocalist in Milena Mepris to back up the catchy hooks, you won't find yourself complaining about its simplicity and lack of depth. Opening tracks 'Cryptic' and 'Treasure Hunter' set the standard high and while the rest of the album doesn't exactly match this opening salvo, it comes close on several occasions with 'Ticking', 'Time Crisis' and 'Meet The Selkirks' being notable silver medal finalists. Pin Me Down's debut album is an impressively assured effort and will leave Bloc Party fans in a difficult spot of being eager to see them back but equally salivating at the prospect of what Russell and Milena can come up with next.



out of 10
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