Paper Aeroplanes - The Day We Ran Into The Sea

The Day We Ran Into The Sea, debut album from Welsh band Paper Aeroplanes harkens back to those blissful, radio-friendly tunes that populated the radio in the 90s. Produced by John Reynolds (Sinead O'Connor), these 11 lively tunes feel like a breath of fresh air, with Sara Howell's crystal clear vocals giving a charm and depth to songs that could easily turn to schmaltz in less gifted hands. Opening track, 'Cliche', is something that The Sundays would be proud to call their own, while 'Freewheel' and 'Lifelight' are reminiscent of The Corrs at their very best. And the desperate longing in 'Pick Me' has a lyrical and musical maturity akin to Suzanne Vega: "Pick me I'm everything you wanted to pay for / Pick me I'm fashionable and knew I could change you." The Day We Ran Into The Sea is a lovely collection of pure pop the likes of which you thought they didn't make anymore.



out of 10

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