Pain of Salvation - Road Salt One

Swedish genre-hopping prog-rockers Pain of Salvation have returned here with the first in a two-part series of albums entitled Road Salt One. While previous album Scarsick took in disco (and some rather dubious rapping on its title track) this record sticks to a more traditionally rock feel. But traditional for Pain of Salvation is always going to be a little more than meets the eye. Opener ‘No Way’ is a brilliantly constructed melancholy rock anthem, and one that reminds us how excellent a vocalist Daniel Gildenlӧw is. His often snarling, attitude-laced lyrics are what really makes this album stand out from the crowd. Eschewing longer songs for short sharp bursts of bluesy stomp as on ‘Tell Me You Don’t Know’ or moody rockers such as previous EP track ‘Linoleum’, this is an album prepared for every mood. There’s no denying that they’ve found their own unique sound, and Road Salt One is the sound of a band who have perfected it. The forthcoming second part is going to have to be rather special to outshine this gem.



out of 10
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