Operation Error - A Sign of Faith

From the mysticism of the album cover right through to the lengthy and pounding prog-metal anthems, A Sign of Faith is an album that just screams WE ARE EPIC. Opening with ‘The Prayer of an Ancestor’ and, album stand out, ‘I Am David’, Operation Error quickly display skilful songwriting and a powerful take on modern rock music that is both enthralling and great fun. Good though this album is, a little quality control would have been nice as there are a couple of rather dull slower tunes - and over an hour of such dramatic storytelling does get somewhat energy sapping. 40-45 minutes would have been perfect. These slight quibbles aside Operation Error should be applauded for producing such an audacious and grandiose album that would find a safe home in the collection of any self-respecting classic rock fan.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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