Noisia - Split The Atom

Noisia have garnered much praise for their DJ and production work with the like of Hadouken and Foreign Beggars but have now unleashed their own sound on debut album, Split The Atom. Despite guest appearances from Amon Tobin , Joe Seven and others this feels like nothing more than a drum and bass megamix with a dash of electro thrown in for good measure. There are some nice ideas on display, especially on ‘Sun Hammer’ featuring the aforementioned Amon Tobin but even that falls back in to the unengaging drum and bass rhythms so prevalent on the whole album. If you were in a club at 3am then Split The Atom would most likely get you up and dancing frantically but sat on your living room sofa as three o’clock in the afternoon is not the time and place to listen to this disappointing debut.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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