Ninetails - Quiet Confidence

Ninetails are a Liverpudlian trio whose sound is far removed from the heritage rock sound so often shackled to their home town contemporaries. Instead, Quiet Confidence strikes a heady balance of warped electronics and soulful vocals, carefully built within a traditional notion of avant-garde song writing. The recent loss of previously critical band member Ed Black has failed to blunt their conviction and, if you're of a mind, they have many of the hallmarks of your new favourite band.

Opener 'Radiant Hex' is an ambitious melody that beautifully illustrates the band's prescription to the uninitiated. The wealth of instrumentation is overwhelming: brass breathes heavily through humid electronics, vibraphones, guitars and layered drums; it's an eclectic production that does much to compliment the affected nature of Jordan Balamar's songwriting. Considering the song is about exorcism, his penchant for uplifting, widescreen melody proves greatly beneficial across the rest of the EP. This is arguably a modern prog record, only the musical language with which Ninetails articulate their sound is performed in such a way that no casual listener will likely ever make the connection. Part dubstep, part ambient electronica, part indie-pop, part art rock - but still profoundly original.



out of 10
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