Nice Nice - Extra Wow

Distorted, fuzzy post-rock is the order of the day here - Portland duo Nice Nice's first album for Warp is a feedback-drenched cacophony apparently conceived as an offering to the god of Bang Bang. Sounding like Liars jamming in a washing machine, they pile on layer after layer of half-sung, half-shouted vocals, wild free-form drums and pile-driving riffs to gloriously noisy effect. Changing up a little, tracks such as 'Away We Glow' and 'Big Bounce' add a sort of chillwave-through-a-cement-mixer vibe - think Memory Tapes by way of Fuck Buttons on an Afrobeat tip. Things even mellow out completely towards the end of the LP... before closer 'Its Here' smacks you in the face with a baseball bat. Recommended - if you like think your ears can take it.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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