Nerina Pallot - Skeleton Key EP

Nerina Pallot is a very busy lady. Not content with releasing The Graduate at the end of last year, she's been actively touring the UK, writing for the likes of Kylie and Diana Vickers and doing her own weekly online video show. Another string to add to her increasingly complicated bow is this new EP, available either online or from one of her live shows. Far less pop oriented than her last full album, this EP sets about pleasing Nerina's fans rather than trying to grasp more of an audience. Opening with the rough-sounding 'Wolf & I', expectations are instantly shattered. This is a track that is far more varied than anything we've heard before and while it may slightly suffer from being over-busy, it still gives a glimpse of something more substantial. 'And So It Should' is a great acoustic track that plays to the singer's vocal strengths; a beautiful song that is stripped down the bare minimum and shines because of it. Pop fun returns in the shape of 'Break Up At The Disco', which will appeal to those of us who really liked her most recent album and the closing 'Skeletons' leaves us with a piano backed track that offers everything that we would want - once again a vocally strong track that shows a real vulnerability. Nerina Pallot is a brilliant singer songwriter, her voice is eminently listenable and this EP leaves the listener with a real sense of wonder. While her work with other artists is likely to be a huge success, Ms Pallot really deserves more far recognition in her own right.

Skeleton Key EP can be bought on CD or digital download from Nerina's website.



out of 10
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