Neil Cowley Trio - Radio Silence

This is the third album by a band of three. Perhaps some kind of gag could be worked up out of that, some notion a la ''the blues troupe of a seventh son of a seventh son, but no, inspiration seems to be lacking on this front. Thankfully, inspiration is not lacking on the album itself. Comprising piano, bass and drums, The Neil Cowley Trio have jaunty melodies and piano riffs to spare. Some of it could soundtrack a silent movie (must be what the press notes mean by 'Chaplinesque'), some of it grooves like Ramsey Lewis's Trio, and, with 'Portal', they come up with a closer that is reminiscent of the epic climaxes rock albums used to come to - almost (but not quite) a piano jazz version of 'Jungleland', something in that flavour. The limitations of only having three instruments inevitably makes some of it a bit on the austere side, but on the whole Cowley and pals manage to make their jazz accessible enough to rock fans without putting any of their six feet into dreaded Jamie Cullum territory, thankfully.



out of 10

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