Mystery Jets - Serotonin

The third album from the Eel Pie islanders is by far their most conventional yet and, perhaps as a result, is also their weakest. Whereas Twenty One frequently delighted by gently mocking the genres it covered at the same time as celebrating them, Serotonin just seems to stick a bit too strictly to genre formula without throwing in the odd OTT moment like the brilliant sax solo of 'Two Doors Down'. Mystery Jets still know how to craft a pop song, which means that the album is never a chore to listen to - although the boy band-esque 'It's Too Late To Talk' comes close - but the hit ratio is much lower than Twenty One and even their eccentric debut Making Dens. There are moments when the album sparkles into life: lead single 'Flash A Hungry Smile' with its irresistible synth-laden opening and 'Lady Grey' which possesses the catchiest chorus on the album. However, deprived of the band's irreverent playfulness, the tracks don't always stand out from one another meaning that in order to appreciate them, you might have to listen to the album in patches. It's not that Serotonin is by any means a bad album but with the band's quirkiness limited to the lyrics - "Have you heard the birds and bees / Have all got STDs" - it results in an album that is merely good without being groundbreaking or inventive and that is not something usually associated with Mystery Jets.



out of 10
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