Mouse on the Keys - An Anxious Object

Japan has throw up some pretty crazy and unique bands in the past ten years, with acts like Boris and Acid Mothers Temple pushing the envelope and creating progressive yet enjoyable music. Mouse on the Keys do not stray from this, and with their debut full-length An Anxious Object the trio have created an exciting amalgamation of jazz, post-rock and neo classical music. Described as a concept album about the bands home city Tokyo, this leaps right for the jugular in a flurry of frantic piano and crashing percussion. ‘Spectres De Mouse’ is an exhausting, yet riveting journey through numerous time signatures and exploration of the interesting results which can be achieved with just a drum kit and two pianos. ‘Seiren’ veers into the jazz territory explored on previous EP Sezession, with its meandering trumpet breaking through the controlled chaos. Later on ‘Soil’ brings an almost cabaret feel to the sound, the clarinet screaming throughout, urging itself to be heard. This is ultimately a musicians album, one where each instrument is given a chance to show its full flowing nature. Though sometimes they may tread into decidedly self-indulgent territory, An Anxious Object is still an exhilarating yet delicate beast of a record.



out of 10
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