Morrissey - Your Arsenal (remastered)

Another week, another installment in the ongoing Morrissey back catalogue re-vamp. This time, it's 1992's Your Arsenal, which escapes the worst excesses of Moz's historical re-visioning that has seen him juggle tracklists, discard songs and fanny about with artwork in a manner designed to annoy both purists and casual punters alike. Aside from some tweaked typography and one slight re-mix, the album has been left alone, perhaps suggesting that its author remains content with it - at least compared to others he's worked on.

With Mick Ronson at the control desk, and the new guitar partnership of Boz Boorer and Alain White on board, Your Arsenal was the sound of Morrissey drawing on the glam rock and rockabilly careers of his new collaborators to fine effect, and tracks like 'You're The One For Me, Fatty' and 'Certain People I Know' remain shoe-ins for any Moz-themed mix thumb-drive you might want to make for the love of your life. Back in the day, 'The National Front Disco' added fuel to the fire for those who wanted to tar him with a reactionary label, but it was that kind of kitchen sink insight that kept the faithful onside as wider commercial success began to elude him. Ronson's production now seems quite of its time but YA remains one of the most satisfyingly complete LPs in Morrissey's can(n)on.



out of 10
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