Moon Duo - Escape

Escape is none more psychedelic. It's the sound of two people locking in with each other's groove and taking the music to the skies, their kaleidoscopic plane reaching heady heights of droning, squealing, textural bliss. What was originally meant to be a stripped down side-project from Wooden Shijps Eric "Ripley" Johnson with Sanae Yamada, seems to have become something far better than his 'day job'. This latest album from Moon Duo, on the always brilliant Woodsist label, is four tracks of long-form, sweeping, mostly instrumental music that proves to be, on the whole, far less opressive than Wooden Shijps and a whole lot more enjoyable. Listening to Escape on headphones is a wonderful thing, with each instrument swimming around your ears as waves of synth and white noise rush in and out of your mind, simultaneously calming and riveting. Hypnotic stuff right here.



out of 10
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