Money For Rope

A belated release in the UK for the debut from this Australian sextet (a quick Google suggest it first saw the light of day in 2012), with the hope of catching some good vibes ahead of dates here later this year. And Money For Rope's modus operandi? Soul-tinged, surfer cool blues that never quite strays onto the wrong side of the tracks; they're not bad boys but it still sounds like they'll throw a good - if well-mannered - party.

So MFR aren't as raucous as some Aussie bands, but they know how to work up a sweat and a crowd. Because, despite some initial hesitation, the album slowly builds up some steam to the point where final track 'Easy Way Out' becomes a rallying cry for alienated seniors ("We could take out our wheelchairs and start a fight") in a manner worthy of The Saints' punk-ish soul. 'Ten Times' is acid-fried Buddy Holly while 'Hang Em High' is a runaway train of backyard r'n'b. It's the indifferent first few tracks that let MFR down - you may have fleeting thoughts of Maroon 5 - but the rest of the album is a better indicator of how their heart really beats. If they turn up in a tent at one of this year's festivals, stop and give them 10 minutes of your time - you'd be a fool knot to.


They'll throw you a good - if well mannered - party.


out of 10

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