Michael Morph - Something for The Weakened

On this, his debut album, Brighton based DJ Michael Morph has created a joyous collage of house, hip-hop and electro beats that is enough to make your heart skip a beat. There is just one problem though, and it is a whopper, the sheer length of the damn thing. With not one of the twelve tunes on show coming in at under five minutes (and many going way beyond that) a lot of the enjoyment on offer has long since been bulldozed out of you by the time you reach the unfortunately titled finale ‘Reasons To Live…’. This is a shame as Something For The Weakened is an album chock full of interesting ideas and arrangements but a little bit of restraint would have been nice. It can only be hoped that by the time he releases his next album, Morph will have taken heed of a very important adage: ‘Just because you can fill up a CD doesn’t mean you have to.'



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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