MGMT - Congratulations

When in doubt put flowers in your hair and reinvent yourselves as the lost sons of Haight Ashbury. Not the sort of advice the dear departed Malcolm would have meted out to his protégés but MGMT have put their trust in Pete Kember, aka Sonic Boom and are doing things the counter culture hard way. Not that this album dares take a walk down la rue de la Spacemen 3; forget incessant droning repetition, this may well be an exercise in psychedelia but the emphasis is very much on the delia. In true Delia style they’ve cooked up a West Coast treat which might be described as White Rabbit Pie. Jefferson Airplan are an obvious reference point, with tracks like the rock operetta ‘Siberian Breaks’ replicating the soundtrack to a fuzzy headed Woodstock daybreak. Elsewhere, such as the unexpected ‘Song For Dan Treacy’, there are echoes of the wacky psych-frenzy of Gorkys while, perversely, ‘Brian Eno’ sounds like nothing so much as a Television Personalities classic, it’s angular abrasion the polar opposite of Eno’s elegance. Best of the bunch is the much derided ‘Flash Delirium’ which successfuly blends the mania of Syd with the spacedust frenzy of Tom Tom Club to create a deliciously perplexing audio scribble. It’s not a uninterrupted parade of (bong) hits however and the dreadful ‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’ is as pointless and pretentious as you might expect. Catastrophic miscalculations apart though, there’s no doubt that MGMT are heading in the right direction.



out of 10
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