Masakari - The Prophet Feeds

The Prophet Feeds (and not 'The Profit Feeds' as stated on the sleeve!) sees Southern Lord dip a toe into faster waters than their usual doom-heavy output. Masakari roar out of Cleveland with a heavy, and sometimes exhilarating fusion of hardcore and crust punk that's unafraid to bring an equally uncompromising political viewpoint along for the ride. There are doom-y moments to opener 'Rapid Dominance' but after that it's a pretty furious ride of equally manic riffing and drums, but, unlike a lot of modern crust, manages to sustain interest by keeping the arrangements fresh and interesting. Lyrically, they cover most of the genre standards: animal rights, religious oppression and, on the album closer, with its sobering testimony from an Iraqi veteran, notions of racism and class that ring as true as they did when CRASS or Dead Kennedys did it back in the day. Food for thought. Get stuck in.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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