Maroon 5 - Hands All Over

Third album from the LA band that most see fit to sit alongside the likes of The Script and The Feeling when it comes to defining bland modern guitar pop. With production duties handled this time round by the legendary Mutt Lange, it's hard to argue with big FM choruses like those displayed on 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed' or the consumate 'lighters in the air' balladry of 'How', and Adam Levine continues to have one of the most distinctive/annoying (delete as appropriate) voices in pop. Elsewhere they still draw from the well of light pop-funk and get nearer to RHCP territory than many a Donington go-er would e'er dare admit. Overall, Hands All Over is sexy like a tittie bar is sexy and it's deep like the dark of a Las Vegas motel room after a long shift at the waffle house is deep. Still, Maroon 5 know their constituency (lonely strippers) and this album will do nothing to harm their long term prospects. Whether Britain continues to be in the mood for such unabashed fizz remains to be seen.



out of 10
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