Malachai - Ugly Side of Love

Ugly Side of Love, debut album by Bristol duo Malachai has an air of attention deficit disorder, a mish-mash of musical styles that simply confuses. Songs like the overblown 'Warrior' and 'Snake Charmer' are like early Chicago outtakes while 'Blackbird' and 'Snowflake' sound like the band are trying to achieve a cool Alice In Chains meets Beck thang yet fail miserably. The most annoying thing is that as soon as the band hit on a decent tune they then throw in a random, and completely unnecessary, sample or hip hop scratching loop. Take the semi-decent track, the Last Shadow Puppets-esque 'Fading World.' I thought the CD was faulty until it dawned on me that it was supposed to sound like that, like the needle skipping on a turntable. The whole album feels like it was mixed by Rain Man. Awesome cover art though.



out of 10

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