Luke Haines - New York In The '70s

After rubbing shoulders with wrestling legends on 9 And A Half Psychedelic Meditations Of British Wrestling From The 1970s And Early 80’s, and creating an adult fairy tale with rock stars as furry creatures on Rock ‘N’ Roll Animals, outsider artist Luke Haines hits the mean streets of New York in the 70s for the final instalment of his psychedelic trilogy. Turns out to be an acerbic - and not entirely flattering - look at the big apple’s rock 'n roll scene.

‘Alan Vegas Says’ kicks things off in suitably sleazy style before the electro beats of ‘Drone City’ comes along to blast a dum-dum missile in to your brain. A downbeat ‘Dolls Forever’ is a maudlin muse upon the perils of being a member of the New York Dolls (that oddly references a couple of Carry On films), but as it fades away you realise you definitely wouldn’t want to be a Doll. 'Lou Reed, Lou Reed' was probably recorded prior to his death but it’s doubtful that would have impacted on a song that is so insanely catchy that’s you’ll find yourself singing it out loud at stupendously inopportune moments. After ‘Cerne Abbas Man’ returns to these shores at the behest of Rock ‘N’ Roll Animals messenger bird, Chico, ‘NY Stars’ closes proceedings in suitably desolate style. Although not quite hitting the heights of the previous two instalments, New York In The 1970s is a fitting way to close a wonderfully realised trilogy of albums from one of this country’s best songwriters.



out of 10

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