Lucy's Diary - Rock Kicks

The inspiration for all eleven tracks on Lucy's Diary's debut album Rock Kicks came from a diary lead singer Lucy Joplin wrote from when she was 13 after the death of her mother and while it has resulted in an album that is strong on emotional depth, there's unfortunately not much else there to recommend it. Joplin's vocals come with the suitable amount of angst and growl for a punk singer - although there is a dodgy moment on 'Targets' where her vocals seem completely out of time with the music - but the guitars and drums rarely stray beyond monotone and one-pace throughout. It's disappointing because the lyrics frequently impress with 'The Party Line' containing one of numerous memorable lines - "Even a masochist has safe words to stop" - and you would imagine that with a few tweaks, such as a change of tempo here and there, it could have ended up being a half-decent punk album. As it is though, Rock Kicks is rarely less than competent but never converts this into anything remotely approaching memorable.



out of 10
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