Low Low Low La La Love Love Love - Last

Low Low Low La La Love Love Love - it's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Let's just call them LLL for now. Last is the aptly titled fourth and final album from ramshackle fok rock brothers Kelly and Ellis Dyson. Recorded as a final statement of intent, this record is meant to be a true representation of their influences and inner musical intentions. However you look at it, Last couldn't sound any more sincere or true to its mission statement if it tried. It's eccentric, frustrating and above all – honest.

The success of Last will likely depend on how receptive listeners are to a constant shift in sound. By belligerently snapping back and forth between clean cut folk pop and fuzzed out lo-fi rock, the record creates a singular atmosphere of emotive inconsistency (fans of Sparklehorse will feel right at home here). This transition is best demonstrated between the visceral melancholy of 'Little Heart' (“Your restless little heart is gasping / Thrashing and flapping in your rib cage") and the jubilant polish of 'The Field ("It's just a field / However it's named / It's like the same thing as a grave / It's only earth all the same"). What strikes hardest is the idea that this wonderfully shambolic record is the band's final investment. With numerous members joining and leaving since 2004, LLL have withstood the trials that come with being an outsider act. They may not set the radio waves ablaze but they sure as hell will light up your heart.



out of 10

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