Little Fish - Baffled & Beat

Live, Linda Perry's proteges Little Fish are a visceral, thundering proposition with singer Juju a transfixing ball of energy and the challenge for their debut album was to try and bottle some of that lightning, so it's disappointing to report that their debut album, Baffled & Beat, just doesn't carry the sense of energy or urgency of their shows. That's not to say that it isn't a fun ride or that there aren't some great rock hooks on here; singer Juju's abrasive vocals are still present and correct - it's hard not to sit up and take notice when she issues a gutteral scream as 'Darling Dear' builds to a climax - and the punky, PJ Harvey-esque recent single 'Whiplash' is guaranteed to blow your cobwebs away. Less successful are the band's quieter moments: 'Sweat 'n' Shiver' meanders along and 'Luck's Run Out', while not a bad little ballad, just doesn't really suit her vocal style. Something's unfortunately been lost in the attempt to transfer these fish from the ocean of the stage to the goldfish bowl of the studio.



out of 10
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