Let's Go To War - Karmageddon

The electro brilliance of ‘Burn Down The Disco’ kicks Karmageddon off with a bang and bodes well for what should be an album of stomping dancefloor fillers. After such a superb start that initial promise rapidly fades away as the dirge-like 'The Whole City’s Got a Cold' introduces Karmageddon’s favoured formula: bad rapping, sexist lyrics, pointless profanity. I’m assuming the lyrics are supposed to humorous or ironic which is OK up to a point but their continued use becomes boring very quickly as the appalling ‘Internet Pornstar’ shows to such tragic effect. The really unfortunate thing is Let’s Go To War have an obvious talent for making really fantastic music - they just need to grow up and give us some lyrics that don’t sound like they were written by an overly hormonal teenager.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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