Lazer Crystal - MCMLXXX

A world of dreamy eighties synths and machine-like percussion awaits on Lazer Crystals new album, MCMLXXX. Repetitive drum loops skitter around all manner of different sounds, with Nicholas Read and Mikale De Graff wringing every last noise out of their retro-tinged keyboards. They really make this work on a track like ‘National Handbag’ with its stuttery electro recalling Devo, but straight after you get ‘Lame Duck’ which sounds like some particularly annoying video game soundtrack. But this is one dip in an otherwise top album. Previous single ‘Hot Pink BMX’ is a thrilling ride through unrelenting beats and treated vocals, while ‘2029’ sounds like the future through 1970s-tinted spectacles. This album places itself firmly in the past but seems to resurrect that excitement that pop-music had back in the early eighties, while still retaining its leftfield edge.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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