Larkin Poe - Kin

Sisters Larkin Poe debut with Kin, an indie rock record with touches of country and folk harmonies. Megan and Rebecca Lovell are the kin of the album title and have taken the chance to use their band name as tribute to a distant great (x4) grandfather, himself a distant relative Edgar Allen Poe. The sisters turn their hand to numerous instruments throughout these twelve tracks, most notably the lap-steel that Megan handles with fantastic dexterity.

But showing that first impressions don't always count, initial listens don’t suggest that Kin fit the roots category the duo have been touted in to date. The rock guitars, melodies and anthemic choruses of ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Don’t, and ‘Elephant’ all give the feel of a hazy summer singalong in a festival tent - you can see why they were voted the "Best Discovery of Glastonbury 2014" by The Observer. Then there’s ‘Sugar High’ and its grungy, AC/DC-style riff. So far so rock. Then the country folk of ‘Crown Of Fire’, and the Brandi Carlisle-esque vocals of ‘High Horse’ come through, along with two part harmonies dropped in here and there. Whichever way you want to cut it the band are crowd pleasers and have developed their music from a solid roots base. Definitely one for the masses.



out of 10

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