Lange - Intercity Spring 2010

According to the 2009 DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, UK trance artist Lange is the world's 31st best DJ. Intercity - Spring 2010, a two disc mix of new tunes from the trance world, is a proficient if unsurprising affair. Disc 1 is let down by rather too many bland male vocals, Matthew Ryan's on 'Spark' being the sort of thing that 25 years ago would have fronted a dodgy soft rock track. Disc 2 is more satisfying in its blend of shimmering sounds ('Magic Valley'), big vocal anthems ('This Feeling Inside') and genre heavyweights (Sander van Doorn, Ron van den Beuken). Never once while listening to this do you get the impression trance has moved on in the last 15 years, but the euphoria generally stays on the right side of cheese, making this surprisingly agreeable within a genre that is often easy to criticise.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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