La Luz - It's Alive

Within the first couple of bars of 'Sure As Spring', you'll know pretty much everything you'll need to know about Seattle's La Luz: the reverb-drenched guitars, the uh .... reverb-drenched vocals, the Farfisa organ - it's dreamy girl group meets Dick Dale, and while that sounds as tasty as a Big Kahuna burger (with extra large fries and a soda pop) the reality is more limp lettuce on a soggy bun.

In all honesty, if you put any four moderately competent musicians in a studio and told them to deliver an album of surf-rock by the end of the weekend, they'd probably deliver something along the lines of It's Alive. Stumble into a bar and if La Luz were playing, you'd stay and have a moderately good time. But even if you dig this stuff, you've heard every lick and melody a zillion times before - and La Luz don't throw anything into the mix to counter that familiarity. No fun, no pizzazz and resolutely no surprises. They even fall back on that most familiar of instrumental tropes: the cod-Eastern melody ('Sunstroke'). It's Alive - but someone should put it out of its misery.



out of 10
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