Kid Sister - Ultraviolet

Three years after her debut single, Kid Sister finally drops a full-length and despite a lukewarm welcome at home, Ultraviolet delivers a solid mix of sassy rap, 80s day-glo pop and European electro influences that might have made more of an impact 18 months ago. The trance-y washes of opener 'Right Hand Hi' are a pretty good indicator of the treats instore, reaching an early peak with the Yazoo quoting 'Big and Bad', all fat bass and stabbing keys but it's not until track seven, 'Daydreaming' that she manages to deliver something genuinely different, mixing Eurotronic cheese with domestic club sounds. The remaining tracks try to hit as many demographics as possible, with hints of house and crunk but it is, on reflection, just a little too scattershot, a one disc party mix but without enough stand out tracks to get people coming back for another round.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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