Keane - Night Train

Night Train, Keane's little mini CD, is a decidedly mediocre affair. Recorded during their Perfect Symmetry tour the eight track EP is a mix of bland techno-pop tripe that bands like Boyzone would turn their noses up at. The nifty intro to 'House Lights' is alright, and 'Back In Time' is classic Keane, tight slickly produced indie-pop but it is straight downhill from there on in. 'Stop For A Minute', with its pseudo-African influence is pleasant enough until the awful awful awful rap by Canadian/Somali rapper K'Naan barges in: "Oh baby you are beautiful / from your crown to your cuticles." What were they thinking? 'Clear Skies' is pretty, but 'Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself)', featuring Tigarah is like being punished by God. 'Looking Back' starts off with a Rocky theme tune-like intro (for some reason) and then just slumps along with more bad rapping from our friend K'Naan, and 'My Shadow' limps by, so dull you barely notice it. This is Keane trying to be queasily contemporary: African rhythms, rappers and quirky Japanese vocalists. They should just stick with what they're good at and leave the cutting edge to someone else.



out of 10

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