With members that have dipped their hand in free-jazz and noise, K-X-P's debut promises to be an exciting creature and it sure as hell delivers. Based around the trio of Timo Kaukolampi, Tuomo Puranen and rotating drummers Anssi Nykӓnen and Tomi Leppanen, K-X-P have delivered a Krautrock inspired tribal ritual. Space-age keyboards and driving bass is underpinned by tight motorik beats that almost ominously threaten to hypnotise and mesmerise in equal measure. On '18 Hours (Of Love)' this is given an added rock & roll stomp and topped off with distorted yelps from vocalist Timo. The influence of Neu! can especially be heard on 'Labirynth', a track bursting at the seams with swirls of fuzz and robotic bleeps and groove. A lot of bands seem to be pillaging the coffins of Germanic legends and these guys do it brilliantly, injecting their own excitement and flare into proceedings where other bands are content to drive along in a monotonous drone.



out of 10
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