Johnny Flynn - Been Listening

British folky Johnny Flynn is not an unknown entity in the cliquey London folk scene. Fans include nu-folk princess Laura Marling and the too cool for you Mumford and Sons. Yet the release of his second full length album Been Listening may open the door to a wider musical public. Now that folk has become hip (thanks to the afore mentioned artistes) you may be hearing quite a lot from this very impressive young man. Unlike the new breed of indie-folk artists Flynn is more of a purist, and his songs have a more traditional feel to them. Yet fear not beard-phobics, for these tunes are first class, and even if you find some of the more trad folk fluff turning you into John Belushi from Animal House this album may just change your mind. The winning opening track 'Kentucky Pill' ushers us in like a giddy host, followed by the lush 'Lost and Found' and off beat 'Churlish May' which show off Flynn's seductive baritone. Other highlights include the great 'Barnacled Warship', which has a nifty Camper Van Beethoven vibe, and 'The Water' (featuring Laura Marling). Been Listening is even more proof that the British folk scene is as thriving and exciting as ever. So crank it up. We're listening.



out of 10

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