Jammer - Jahmanji

As grime continues to feed into the chart-devouring monster that is UK hip-hop, this release sees one of the scene's pioneers step out from the shadows to grab a piece of the limelight. Things spark off with understated slowburner 'The Beginning', Jammer's mission statement: 'I'm trying to make a million with no one knowin'', referencing his work with scene frontrunners Dizzee, Tinchy and Wiley as well as his mixtape series Are You Dumb?, a genuine underground sensation. Lickle J provides a soulful turn on the slick, reggae-flavoured 'Bad Mind People', bringing a chilled vibe with its murky beats and twinkling keyboards, while 'Get It In' is a head-nodding, skittering effort with a catchy hook that bulges with bravado. The 25-year-old producer and MC's album is mostly self-produced, but a handful of guests switch things up, with Toddla T laying the foundations for the siren-wailing mutant-house of 'Back to the 90s'. Jammer's flow is tight throughout and collaborators like Newham Generals and Skepta bring their A-game to a low-key statement that sees Jammer setting the bar just as high as efforts from some of his better-known contemporaries.



out of 10
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