Jaakko & Jay - War Is Noise

War Is Noise by Finnish duo Jaakko & Jay has an endearing DIY feel to it that is very refreshing. Catchy, arrogant and naive, this is music created by two guys who probably couldn't really give a toss whether you like them or not. The music has a stripped down Frank Turner meets The Replacements feel to it, and veer from folky loveliness to Punk and Roll angst. Tracks like 'Moneyfest', ''Gas Station' and 'Equalizer' rush by at a fervent pace, the words pouring out of vocalist Jaakko's mouth like water, while the beautiful 'Folk Song' and 'Battle', with their accompanying violins, are reminiscent of French indie band Louise Attaque. Though some of the songs are a bit samey, the clever lyrics coupled with the passionate "head first" music make this an album well worth a listen.



out of 10

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