Swirling synths and pulsing beats characterise this new record from Swedish six-piece Ikons (seven-piece if you include their video artist). This self titled album is a cosmic journey through rhythm and wonder, that takes in shoegaze, kraut-rock and post-punk along the way. The eight-minute opener ‘Slow Light’ is a wonderful piece of dreamy, throbbing loveliness that really sets expectations high for the rest of the album. And on the whole it does not disappoint. The band toured with Spiritualized last year, and J. Spaceman and co’s influence can clearly be heard on tracks like ‘Honey’ and the reverb drenched ‘Bye’. Echoes of Joy Division punctuate much of ‘Imperiet’, with its monotone vocals and driving bass line all coming together in what is one of the more pop moments of the record. But they played their best card first, and never does the album reach the heady heights that they climbed to on that opening track. A solid effort from these ambitious Swedes.



out of 10
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